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Hair Extensions

Hair We Are offers two customizable Hand-Tied Weft hair extension methods. Our technique of choice is Hand-Tied Weft extensions because of the flexibility, comfort and easy maintenance that other extension techniques can’t offer. We provide two different types of Hand-Tied Weft Extensions: Invisible Bead Extensions and Babe Hand-Tied Wefts.

Having stylists trained with two different Hand-Tied Weft Extension techniques means our guests can choose a method that is suitable for their beauty budget and lifestyle. 

General pricing is list below. However, a consultation is required for a customized quote for your hair extension goals.


Invisible Bead Extensions

 About IBE® Hair Extensions

The Invisible Bead Extensions give you versatility in ways not easily achievable before! Wear your hair up or down without worrying about seeing the bead attachments. These extensions offer you a customized ability to add length + volume, or simply add volume to your hair.

IBE (Invisible Bead Extensions) is a groundbreaking Hand-Tied Weft technique that ensures the track of silicon beads used to secure the weft are 100% invisible. This method is extremely easy to style and camouflage, because the wefts are secured in a way that makes each row of wefts look like a natural section of hair. Because the beads are hidden, IBE can be worn in any style, parted in any direction and moved easily.

Maintenance is also fast and easy with IBE, and your natural hair will not be affected by the extensions whatsoever. Like Babe extensions, the IBE method is extremely customizable for both thick and thin hair textures. IBE is our luxury hair extension technique, with a higher price point than Babe Extensions. This is because of the intensive training and detailed installation included.