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Trends to Try in 2021

Hey guys! We think we’re all excited to say goodbye to 2020 and start fresh. At Hair We Are, we’re already looking forward to the retro-inspired, low-maintenance styles 2021 has in store. Looks like 2020 taught us one thing: we want easy to maintain beauty!

Here are a few of our favorite trends to look out for in the next few months (some of them might surprise you!):

Warm Honey Blonde 

 This one is so refreshing and one of the most exciting new trends we’re seeing in 2021! Since the Silver Hair trend hit us in 2015, it’s been hard to escape the world of ashy blonde. We miss seeing some healthy, happy highlights!We’ve always believed that yellow is a sign of life, so we’re excited to start warming up to this trend! 

The Lived-In Bob 

 We’re seeing lots of fun takes on old classics like the Bob haircut. This haircut isn’t all about textured layers. In 2021 we’re seeing more simple shapes that could be grown out for months (definitely a result of suffering through lockdown!). If you’re looking for a change that is easy to style, versatile and filled with personality, this ones for you! All you need is some Texture Spray and this look is ready to go. 

Claw Clips

Another throwback! 2021 is bringing back an easy way to look laid-back while pulling your hair out of your face. Claw clips come in all kinds of fun statement shapes, colors and patterns and can be styled by simply twisting a ponytail against your head and securing with the clip! If you’ve been missing this easy look, it’s time to unpack your old clips and bring them back to life! 

Natural Texture

It’s about time we start embracing our natural beauty! What’s more low-maintenance than air-drying? In 2021 we’ll be seeing more natural curl, REAL looking beach waves and simple straight hair. It’s time to invest in a good air-dry and dry styling product because your hair will be getting a much needed break from those heat tools this spring! 

The Modern Shag

This one is for our bold girls! If you have a soft spot in your heart for 70s aesthetic and want a style that feels unique this one is for you. It’s all about that classic shag silhouette with texture that can only be found in this day and age. Great for curly girls and our low maintenance queens! 


We’re not talking about March 2020 ‘Quarantine Bangs’ here, ladies. 2021 is the year of lived-in style, and the fringe is going to be big. Think ‘Bangs’ little sister. Soft, textured, barely there curtain bangs and pieces around the face that make your eyes pop just right. 

A twist on the classic French tip

Are you seeing a pattern yet? French tip nails are also making a comeback in the cutest way! Instead of the early 2000s style white and pink French tip, you’ll be seeing more half moon-shapes and bright colors. We’re also seeing lots of retro-inspired patterns when it comes to nail art! 

Hopefully you guys are as excited to see these trends this spring as we are! If you need any advice on what look is best for you, our stylists are available for complimentary consultations to guide you in the right direction. Always remember to have fun! Hair grows and life is short.