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How to Support for Free

How to Support your favorite Cosmetologist for free 

Do you have a stylist who goes above and beyond every time you see them? Are they extra detailed, gentle or just plain great to be around? Showing your stylist some love by helping them grow their business is a cosmetologists dream come true! In this day of technology and social media, it’s easier than ever to support small businesses. Here’s how you can support your stylist for free:

Leave a review! If you love a certain salon or stylist, leaving a positive review on their Google, Facebook and Yelp helps tell other possible guests that your stylist is the best. It’s like a referral for the world to see! 

Share social media posts! If you love a look or post that you see on Instagram or Facebook, sharing is a quick and effective way to share your favorite stylists’ work with friends and family! Bonus points if you tag the stylist or salon in your share.

Refer your friends! If your coworker or friends compliment your hair, send them to your favorite stylist! World of mouth is the #1 way to grow any business, and if you love the cosmo you see, it only takes one second to make a huge difference in someone’s career! This is when having a few referral cards on hand is helpful. 

Selfies! If you’re feeling extra beautiful when you leave your appointment with your stylist, take a quick selfie and tag your stylist on Instagram or Facebook! Not only will your stylist be touched that you feel good enough to share a picture, friends and family will want to feel that good, too! 

These are just a few great ways to support your stylist right from your smart phone or computer. Isn’t it amazing that you can do so much so easily? Now get out there and show your favorite stylist some small business support!