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Heating Up Your Look, Not Your Hair

Because we fully support looking and feeling your best, we want to stress the importance of keeping things cool when it comes to your hair. Between the chill in this autumn air, and the blazing heat of styling tools, your hair may be in serious need of a break (before it breaks off and splits… pun intended.)

how to care for your hair

  1. Consider using dry shampoo. Using a quality dry shampoo can help shorten your morning routine, skip the hot water of the shower, and the heat of the blow dryer. Our favorite? The dry shampoo by Surface (yes, of course we have it in stock) leaves no trace of residue and can be used for days in a row to keep your style looking fresh!
  2. Help block the damage with thermal protectants. If you can’t beat the heat of your styling tools, at least keep your strands safer with quality protection. Talk with your stylist about which products work best for your style and styling routine.
  3. Get creative with non-heat styling ideas. A no-tools day doesn’t have to mean a simple pony tail or bun. Let your stylist know that your goal is to have a haircut that plays well without styling tools. You’ve got a teammate and a hair guide built into one, so use their expertise and ask for fun ideas on the best cut for you!